SAVE THE DATE: EPiC Auditors Autumn Compliance Seminar

SAVE THE DATE: EPiC Auditors Autumn Compliance Seminar

Autumn compliance seminar

EPiC Auditors are excited to announce that they will be delivering an Autumn Compliance Seminar on 10th November 2022 focusing on shaping a compliant future.

This will be an online event. Further details about the speakers and agenda will be published on this page over the coming weeks.

This event has already taken place. What was the event about?

The online seminar, delivered remotely over a complete day, featured a diverse lineup of ex-MHRA Inspector speakers. Among them was Richard Parker, Senior GMDP Inspector at MHRA, who provided an update on Annex 1 from a regulator’s perspective. The day was filled with insightful and thought-provoking discussions aiming to:

  • Disseminate updates and recent changes in GMP and GDP Guidelines and Regulations, especially Annex 1.
  • Illuminate alterations in inspection practices and MHRA oversight.
  • Delve into tools and strategies for maintaining compliance.
  • Reveal current and future deficiencies in Annex 1, along with pitfalls to steer clear from.
  • Offer insights into changes resulting from the Clinical Trials Regulations implementation and points to contemplate about the IMP / GCP Interface.
  • Examine the challenges and considerations during the transition from an R&D to a GMP Environment.

The seminar offered updates and information regarding recent amendments to guidelines and regulations, as well as insights into current deficiency trends and inspection practices.