With extensive Global Pharma Compliance and Quality Audits experience within Europe, the USA and India, all parts of the World will be considered.

Qualified Person Services 

Many of EPiC’s consultants are eligible to act as a Qualified Person and we have contract QP’s supporting a number of licenced manufacturers certifying products prior to release to the market. 

In Depth Systems Reviews 

EPiC’s consultants have been working with two large UK based pharmaceutical manufacturers conducting in depth reviews of their pharmaceutical quality systems. In contrast to an audit which involves sampling documents and records these reviews focus on a particular system, process or procedure with the goal of assessing it in detail against regulatory guidance and expectations. Each review takes between 2 to 3 days with the programme covering 12 to 18 months. 

Post Inspection Remediation 

As ex Inspectors many of EPiC’s Consultants have extensive experience with the MHRA Compliance Management Team (CMT) and Inspection Action Group (IAG) processes. EPiC Auditors regularly support companies who have been referred to CMT or IAG; leading Root Cause Analysis workshops, advising on the response to the inspection findings, developing remediation plans and assisting with implementation.  

Review of Pharmacovigilance System 

Following a change of ownership and transfer of Marketing Authorisations an EPiC consultant specialising in Pharmacovigilance has undertaken an assessment of the companies’ systems for compliance with current regulatory and MHRA expectations and made recommendations to strengthen them. 

Support for Overseas Manufacturers 

EPiC’s Consultants are currently working with an overseas manufacturer who wants to supply medicinal products to the UK and Europe. Starting with a gap analysis of the companies Pharmaceutical Quality System improvements will be made to meet EU GMP requirements. A mock  EU GMP inspection will then be performed prior to the company triggering a regulatory inspection.  

Routine Compliance Audits 

A number of clients request regular global compliance and quality audits of their facilities and systems in order to supplement their own internal audits and attain an independent assessment. Audits are conducted against EU GMP and GDP with any deficiencies and opportunities for improvement being highlighted. When requested EPiC’s consultants assist with the implementation of corrective and preventative actions. 

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Inspection Readiness

Case Study 2: GMP Consultancy

Case Study 3: Review of facility Plans

Case Study 4: Product Safety and Pharmacovigilance (PV) System

Case study 5: Corporate Audit Programme Support

Case Study 6: Mock EU GMP Inspection & Remediation

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